Canada Star Fine Arts Academy

The Canada Star Fine Arts Academy is an art and design academy affiliated with the Canada Star Education Group. Lessons are taught by our team of distinguished and highly-trained instructors in a first class learning environment located in Metro Vancouver.

The Canada Star Fine Arts Academy offers professional and systematic academic planning and instruction to Canada Star Secondary School students from Grade 8 to Grade 12, as well as for students from other secondary schools who who have a love of arts and design.

The program provides comprehensive guidance for students preparing their arts and design portfolio application and helps each student to successfully achieve offers from their dream universities. Canada Star Fine Arts Academy is where students come to get a solid academic foundation in their arts program while achieving their artistic goals and dreams.

The Academy offers a selection of diverse and unique artistic courses including Foundations in Colours and Painting, Creative Arts and Design, Manual Models, Software Design and Photography.  There are also classes covering a range of topics in Art History.



Arts and Design University Application

For the purpose of academic planning, several options are offered to provide a solid understanding and background to prepare students to enrol in an Art Major Program in a post-secondary institution.  Depending on the selected institution, there are a variety of career options and specializations which a student enrolled in an art program may focus on, including Fine Arts, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Visual Arts, Animation, Digital Media, Interactive Design and many others.


In the past, our students have shown interest in, or applied to, some of the world’s best art schools.  We encourage and support our students to apply for entry into the best institutions in the world that will enable them to reach their goals and passions.