Top University Bridge Program

Unlike traditional approaches to education, Canada Star Secondary School’s Bridge Program is based on university requirements and career opportunities. Through professional testing and counselling, students will be exposed to a potential field of interest from a diverse set of disciplines. Students will then be recommended courses and extracurricular activities that match their specific interest to motivate their learning.

Our goal-oriented Top University Bridge Program, offered to elite students from Grades 8 to 12, covers five major aspects:

  •       Academic Planning: course guidance, language training, course tutoring, test preparation
  •       Reading Program: book selection, literacy development, general education
  •       Extracurricular Planning:  extracurricular activities, achievement records, social responsibility awareness, and leadership training
  •       University Application: consultation, application preparation, course selection
  •       Specialization Training: specialization training, discovery of personal potentials, records of achievement

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