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Reading mileage program – this is designed for elementary school – we will assign reading in courses and have a book debate activity in the year. The rewards for this program do not match student expectations at the high school grade level – do not include this on the website Scott.

Canada Star Secondary School offers reading program for every level of students according to their English proficiency level. This program tailors to the academic reading requirement of post-secondary institutions. The reading content contains a variety of genres from novels and technology to philosophy, arts and history. It is proven that the reading program is very effective to improve students’ English literacy skills and understanding.

Reading is not only educational but also fun. CSSS reading program improves literacy skills, promote good reading habits, and foster a lifelong love of reading.


Canada Star Secondary School’s Reading Mileage Program is a supplementary program that allows students to choose novels to read at their own pace and time.  Students choose from a selection of recommended literature taken from both the BC curriculum and post-secondary institutions. This combination allows students to learn both content and real-world knowledge, and in turn, help them gain a global perspective. Upon completion of each book, students can earn points that can be traded in for rewards.

Collect Points and Get a Reward.

  1. Students earn ten points for reading a book on the recommended list and completing the study guide.
  2. Students earn 5 extra points for doing mini assignments with their reading.
  3. Students are rewarded with a classroom privilege after collecting 100 points.
  4. Students are rewarded with a prize after collecting 1000 points, which is called a milestone.

Privilege and Milestone

  1. Privilege assigned by teachers: get a favorite book, pick a song to play at Can-star for two days
  2. Milestone Reward: gift-cards, free drinks  

Donate and/or Trade a book

Students and staff are welcome to donate and/or trade their favourite titles to the school library.


In partnership with Can-Star Academy, CSSS offers the Common Core Reading and Writing Program. This reading program  is a challenging yet engaging course to further develop students’ analytical reading, critical thinking, and advanced writing skills. Both Level 1 (Gr. 9/10) and Level II (Grade 11/12) combine essential thinking and reading skills with reading passages that deal with common core knowledge. The program draws from a number of domains including history, geography, social sciences, arts, issues of the modern world, and novels.

Aside from learning relevant content knowledge, the Common Core Reading Program challenges students to:

  •       Determine a central idea of a text and its relationship to supporting ideas
  •       Provide an objective summary of the text.
  •       Cite the textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.
  •       Use context clues to determine the meaning of words and phrases
  •       Analyze the impact of specific word choices on meaning and tone
  •       Determine an author’s point of view or purpose in a text and analyze how an author uses rhetoric to advance that point of view or purpose.
  •       Identify and analyze the role of imagery and figurative language in texts
  •       Determine the organization of a text and its effect on the central idea
  •       Analyze and interpret visual data

Students enrolled in Common Core also receive instruction in writing skills from our experienced teachers. From simple paragraph development to essay writing, our knowledgeable teachers are ready to help students in their writing journey.

Each year-long course is a highly rigorous curriculum that require students to devote at least an hour each day (outside of class time) to complete assignments. Despite the hard work, students can take pride in completing a challenging program to improve their reading, thinking, and writing abilities.

  •       Common Core Reading and Writing (Level 1)

This course is recommended for students who have completed our ELL 3 level course, plan to take English 10, or are currently taking English 10. Through various reading packets, students learn vocabulary and content knowledge ranging from environmentalism to American literature. Students are also introduced to a plethora of text structures including cause and effect, short stories, and graphic data. Important thinking skills such as making inferences, summarizing, using context clues, and finding the main idea are also constantly reviewed. In terms of writing, the writing process, basic essay composition, and quotations responses are introduced.

  •       Common Core Reading and Writing (Level 2)

This course is recommended for students who have completed our Common Core Level 1 course, plan to take English 11 or 12, or are currently taking English 11 or 12. Through various reading packets, students learn vocabulary and content knowledge ranging from natural disasters to American presidents. The course also features an extensive set of literature: Shakespeare, Aesop’s Fables, and the Canterbury Tales. Like the first level, each month features a specific skill including identifying points of view, compare and contrast, and recognizing literary devices and symbolism.  Critical writing skills such as essay composition, literature analysis, and diction are also reviewed.  


Each month, Can-star Academy will host a book club. Students in the course will read one book and meet on a regular, predictable schedule to discuss their readings. Meetings can range from more structured sessions to engaging discussions. In structured sessions, teachers guide students in reading analysis activities, while the open-ended nature of the discussion sessions gives students the choice of what to talk about. Book selection will vary each month, depending on student and teacher interests. The goal of the Book Club is to not only foster a love of reading but also to encourage open, natural conversation.

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