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Canada Star Secondary School’s vision is to provide superior academic opportunities that allow our students to develop interests, pursue passions, and to follow the path to success and admission to top-ranked universities.

Our mission is to provide a rigorous academic experience that builds skills in arts, academics, and athletics to students who have a true passion for learning.

 Canada Star Secondary School aims to:

  1.  Select highly capable students.
  2.  Integrate technology in all areas of learning.
  3.  Create socially responsible students who can create change in our world.
  4.  Respect the environment.
  5.  Produce well-rounded students who can succeed in anything they do.
  6.  Get students into Ivy League and top-ranked North American universities.

 Canada Star Secondary School students:

  1.   Will always be honest and ethical.
  2.   Will seek to improve their lives and the world around them.
  3.   Will  not ignore a problem, but will fix it.
  4.   Will work cooperatively.
  5.   Will remain positive even in the face of challenges.
  6.   Will set goals and will strive to achieve them.
  7.   Will ask for help when it is needed.
  8.   Will respect adults and fellow students at all times.
  9.   Will show a commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle.
  10. Will attend post-secondary education at excellent universities that are suited to their goals upon graduation.

Canada Star Secondary School

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