The CSSS Mini School | About our School

The CSSS Mini School is a Grade 9 academic program that allows students to take the BC curriculum in all subject areas and to explore areas of interest and build skills.  The goal is to help shape well-rounded students who are well-prepared for the high school program.

CSSS Mini School features:

  • A high end preparatory school for excellent young adults in grade 9
  • A rigorous curriculum
  • Focused attention from teachers
  • Small class size
  • Full elective and athletic program

Mini School Programs

Advance Placement (AP and Pre-AP)


The AP (Advanced Placement) program is world-renowned for providing academically challenging courses that allow students to work at a high level and pace to earn credit from universities and colleges. The Canada Star Secondary School AP program provides a variety of AP courses taught by excellent teachers who support and guide students, helping achieve top grades. We have courses in coding, mathematics, sciences and language arts. We are certified by the College Board of offer the courses for credit which is recognized by the BC Ministry of Education for local credit as well.


The CSSS Pre-AP program is designed to introduce young learners to the course material and curriculum requirements for the Advanced Placement Program.

Languages: Trilingual and Immersion


Students in the mini school receive a trilingual education in English, Mandarin and French. The ability to learn and communicate in multiple languages ensures students build creativity and adaptability in all situations. The Trilingual education system makes Canada Star Secondary School a unique and demanding school, supporting growth and achievement.


Canada Star Secondary School is well-positioned to provide our Mandarin Immersion program from Grade 9 allowing students to quickly build language skills and comprehension. Our native speaking teachers use modern teaching techniques to guide our students through a full curriculum in Mandarin. Students who fluent speak Mandarin have unique university admission and career opportunities.

Key Features

Community Involvement

Our students volunteer and gain work experience in the community, completing at minimum 100 hours during their secondary years at Canada School Secondary School. From volunteering at sports events to helping our elderly in the community, our students have access to opportunities to shape their educational experience and the community around them.

Small Class Size

Each class will have an average of ten to fifteen students to allow better interaction between teacher and students. This builds rapport and fosters student confidence in their academic journey.

Strict Student Supervision System

Beginning in day one, each student is expected to conscientiously abide by the school rules and regulations. School advisers will periodically contact students’ parents to report their learning progress.

Dedicated Academic Advisors

Our knowledgeable academic advisers are graduates of elite North American universities. Their ability to communicate in multiple languages (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) can establish a rapport with students and parents.

After-School Support

CSSS provides before and after school support to provide unique opportunities to gain support in homework and project completion, in reading comprehension courses, in arts and athletics. We have STEM courses including coding which gives our students 21st century academic skills. This support starts in the Mini School and continues through high school to support our high graduation and university admission rates.

CSSS Athletics

Athletic Program

Daily Physical Activity and Physical Education is built into the CSSS curriculum and timetable. We believe there is true value in exercising and participating in team sports to build new skills and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Team Sports

CSSS is a member of the BC Sports Association and we provide team sports and play against schools across the province in basketball, badminton, golf, tennis, and fencing.

Mini School Course Offerings

Students are expected to take a full course load that includes arts, academics, athletics, and technology.

Subject Area

English Language Arts 8 & 9
Math 8 & 9
Coding 8 & 9
Science 8 & 9
Health and Career 8 & 9
Social Studies 8 & 9
Physical Education 8 & 9
Fine Arts and/or Applied Skills 10,11 or 12
Mandarin Immersion and Mandarin 8 & 9
French 8 & 9
Graduation Transition

CSSS Scholarship Program


Our mission is to provide a rigorous academic experience that builds skills in arts, academics, and athletics to students who have a true passion for learning. We recruit both local and international students with 70% of spaces available to local students.

Scholarship Details

For local students in Richmond/Vancouver who have strong academic and personal successes and a need for scholarship, we offer up to 100% of the tuition as a Scholarship for qualified students and 50% of the after-school activity fees.

Students may keep their scholarships throughout their duration of study by maintaining academic, personal, and social achievements at the proper level.

In order to apply for the scholarship, students should indicate their desire to apply during the application process.
Eligibility criteria for an entrance scholarship includes:
• A record of strong academic achievement
• A commitment to service, the fine arts and/or athletics
• A successful interview with the Admissions Committee