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The purpose of Leadership Club is to equip students with the skills and qualities that will prepare them to become future leaders of organizations. This club activity focuses on building skills such as personal responsibility, collaboration, creativity, organization, self-awareness and self betterment. There will be various of opportunities to engage and demonstrate student learning but the primary method of assessment will be through problem-based case study activities. All students are encouraged and welcomed to join.


Course Purpose:

The purpose of this leadership development course is to enable students to prepare themselves to become leaders of organizations and to work towards a path of personal development. This class focuses on skills such as personal responsibility, collaboration, creativity, organization, self-awareness and self betterment. The leadership development skills used in the course will be immediately applicable to students and useful for the rest of their lives. That being said what the students get out of this class is strongly dependent on how much time they are willing to put towards the class. Students will be learning and actively engaging with the curriculum by himself/herself and with their peers. The teacher will be acting primarily as a discussion and content facilitator. There will be various opportunities to engage and demonstrate student’s learning but the primary method of assessment will be through problem based case study activities.


Objectives of the Course:

  •  To enable students to better understand the role of leadership and their own leadership journeys
  •  Give students clarity about principles of leadership, values, ethical boundaries and how to respond under pressure and when challenged
  •  Instil an understanding that students should know what motivates themselves and utilize this to find an appropriate leadership path that maximize their strengths and minimizes their weaknesses
  •  To understand the purpose of their leadership to empower other team members, while optimizing everyone’s effectiveness.


Students will need to:

  •  Participate fully in open and small group discussions about the reflective exercises they have completed  on their own.
  •  Be willing to fully complete the readings and other resources provided
  •  Critically engage with the material in an active and reflective manner


You will be expected to complete content weekly outlined below:


Weekly Readings: Each week you will be given materials that you will required to read. You may also be given a video or other multimedia resource to enhance the content covered in the reading.


Weekly Discussions: Each week you will be required to take part in classwide discussion of the weeks problem or issue. You will be expected to make reasoned and justified opinions and arguments.


Weekly Reflections: Each week you will complete a reflection on the reading and the weeks problem.


Who should be taking this course:

The course is designed for students who wish to becoming effective and authentic leaders. Those who are committed to developing themselves, who want to understand their motivations and the purpose of their leadership. Students must be open to sharing personal insights, experiences, ambitions, and fears.


Expected Commitment:

If you take this course you have signed up for a 15 week commitment of at least 3-5 active hours per week. Some weeks where we will be working on a major case study may require more work. You will also be provided with many additional readings and resources that will further enhance your learning if you have the time and are motivated in doing so.

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