International Students Support

Landing Service

Canada Star Secondary School offers complete services for new international students, services such as airport pick-up, health care registration, bank account registration, purchasing Compass Cards, purchasing cell-phone plans, getting familiarized with the city, etc. To ensure that they can start studying with a positive attitude, we will assist students in becoming involved with the community and acclimate to their new surroundings in the shortest time possible. New international students who need landing services will have to apply for the program two months prior to landing. When the application is completed and given to CSSS, our team can start preparing ahead of the student’s landing day.

Custodian service

Under British Columbia’s law, anyone under the age of 19 is considered as a minor. Any minor living in BC must be accompanied by a parent or a custodian. If a student does not have a custodian, Canada Secondary School can be his/her legal custodian. For students in need of a legal custodian, please apply for a custodian when applying to be a student at CSSS.

Student life

The goal of Canada Star Secondary School’s Student Life Program is to provide international students with a sense of warmth and home. Aside from landing services, CSSS also hosts major holiday celebrations and get-togethers to help students discover the community and experience the culture. As well, our volunteer/community service programs not only extend the student’s education beyond the classroom but also give them the opportunity to make meaningful, lasting friendships. We will make every effort to ensure that students belong to a safe, caring, and supportive environment.