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Canada Star Fine Arts Academy

Canada Star Fine Arts Academy is an art and design academy affiliated with Canada Star Education Group. Lessons are taught by our team of distinguished and highly-trained instructors in a first class learning environment located in Metro Vancouver.

Canada Star Fine Arts Academy offers professional and systematic academic planning and instruction to Canada Star Secondary School students from Grade 8 to Grade 12 as well as students from other secondary schools who love arts and design. It provides comprehensive guidance for students preparing for their arts and design portfolio application and helps each student to successfully achieve offers from their dream universities. Canada Star Fine Arts Academy is where students come to achieve their artistic dreams.

The Academy offers a series of unique artistic courses including: art class for beginners (age 5-12), Basic Painting, Creative Arts, Manual Models, 3D Virtual Arts, Software Design, Photography, Art History, Adult Art Class, and etc.

Arts and Design University Application

Among the academic planning, Art Majors are divided into:

Fine Arts, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Visual Arts, Animation, Digital Media, Jewelry Design, Animated Film, Illustration, Interaction Design, etc.

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