1. What makes Canada Star Secondary School different from other schools?

Canada Star Secondary School features small class sizes, Academic Advisors and balanced academic & extracurricular programs. The systematic approach is to make sure that every student is encouraged to try his/her best and realize the most of his/her potential.

2. What is the typical class size?

To ensure best education quality, Canda Star Secondary School’s class size is always small.

3. Who are the Academic Advisors?  What kind of service do the Academic Advisors provide?

Every student has an academic advisor who provides academic planning and communicates between students, parents and teachers. Attention is given to every student’s individualized needs and holistic improvements in different areas.

4. What are Canada Star Secondary School’s admission requirements?

At Canada Star Secondary School, we envision ourselves as educating future leaders. We expect our potential students to have a spirit of exploration, be energetic, caring and interested in learning. We use standardized exams to help improve student placement and to improve their potential. Students who have a special talent or expertise should not hesitate to submit this as part of their application.

The Canada Star Secondary School Application Requires:

  • Interview with the admissions officer
  • Transcripts from previous two years of school enrollment.
  • Student passport or birth certificate.
  • Reference letters (from teachers and other non-family members)
  • Completed application form
  • Entrance examination
  • Registration fees and tuition fees
  • If the student is under 19 years of age, they must comply with the requirements of the Guardian of the Canadian Immigration Service.

5. Does Canada Star Secondary School offer scholarships or financial aid?

Canada Star Secondary School is pleased to offer scholarships for deserving students in athletics, arts, music, and academic excellence.

We have available scholarships for international students which include tuition discounts and incentives, and a scholarship for tuition for local students who have a demonstrated academic ability.  

Athletics Scholarship  $5000

Arts Scholarship  $5000

Music Scholarship  $5000

Academic Excellence $5000

Principal’s Honor Roll Scholarship $1000

6. What are the tuition fees and are there any financial aids?

A: Please see Canada Star Secondary School Tuition Guide for details. Canada Star Secondary School offers need-based financial aids for student with excellent academic performance. Please contact us to find out about eligibility.