Summer Camp Schedule

CSSS offers a unique Summer Camp program to provide students living in other countries an opportunity to experience Canadian culture while improving their English skills. From partnering with a local student to discovering the local community, visiting students will gain a Canadian immersion experience. This rewarding summer program will give students an unforgettable educational experience and lasting friendships.

Morning Afternoon
Day 1 Arrive Vancouver; Pick-up at YVR and have orientation
Day 2 Schedule Introduction Visit UBC – one of the most beautful campus in BC
Introducation to thet Canadian Education System
Day 3 ESL Class Golf/Tennis Visit Fishman’s Wharf
Day4 ESL Class Golf/Tennis Crossword Game
Day5 ESL Class Golf/Tennis Seminar: Indigenous people and community
Day 6 Visit Stanley Park, the biggest park within city.
Day 7 Visit Vancouver downtown
Day 8 ESL Class Golf/Tennis Public Speaking
Day 9 ESL Class Golf/Tennis Reading Night
Day  10 ESL Class Golf/Tennis English Game
Day 11 ESL class Golf/Tennis Reading Night
Day 12 Visit Granville Island and Elizabeth Park
Day 13 Ceremony and Certificate Visit the biggest shopping mall, Metrotown, in BC
Day 14 End of Summer Camp and go back to hometown