As an academic preparatory school for the development of elite students, Canada Star Secondary School aims to create an educational setting that is stimulating and challenging. One such way is through AP courses.  Administered since 1955, the Advanced Placement (AP) Program allows students to pursue college-level studies while still in secondary school. Students taking AP courses take the AP exam to acquire credits which can be used for university credits.

Benefits of AP:                                                                                                                  

  •       Provide college/university credits for courses and examinations successfully taken in high school.
  •       Exempt students from related introductory college/university courses, thus permitting them to move more quickly into advanced classes.
  •       Motivate students to attempt more challenging courses in both high school and college.
  •       Develop study skills and habits needed in college/university.
  •       Bolster student confidence in meeting college/university requirements.
  •       Reduce college/university costs and time in completing an undergraduate degree.

Canada Star Secondary School offers the following AP courses:

  •    AP Calculus AB/BC
  •    AP Computer Science
  •    AP Statistics
  •    AP Chemistry
  •    AP Biology
  •    AP Physics
  •    AP Macroeconomics
  •    AP Microeconomics
  •    AP US History
  •    AP Europe History
  •    AP World History
  •    AP English Language and Composition
  •    AP French Language and Culture
  •    AP Chinese Language and Culture
  •    AP Spanish Language and Culture
  •    AP Psychology
  •    AP Human Geography

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