Canada Star AP Program


Canada Star Secondary School is proud to be an officially approved College Board Level II Test Centre and school offering Pre-AP and AP courses.

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AP Exams:

Each Spring, we offer AP Exams to our students and to students from the local community.  We are one of the few schools offering the AP Chinese exam. 

Please note that space is limited and that:

  • The cost of each exam is $200. This fee is applied to the AP exam, facility and equipment setup/rental, and staffing costs related to organization and invigilation;
  • The cost is payable by cash only;
  • The payment is non-refundable; no exceptions.
  • Do not register for two exams in the same time slot. There is only one session for each exam.

AP Courses:

Canada Star Secondary School is pleased to offer AP courses to help students build new skills, demonstrate knowledge, and to earn advanced credit towards university admission at Canadian and American universities.  

AP Courses on offer at CSSS include:



Microeconomics Biology

Computer Science Art History

English Lit English Language and Composition


Contact Admissions to learn more.

Pre-AP Courses:

For students in our Mini-School, we offer Pre-AP courses that help students build skills in areas of strength and help prepare for AP courses in the secondary school.