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Canada Star Secondary School is located at the prosperous and beautiful city of Vancouver. Canada Star Secondary School is registered and accredited by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. As a private school, we offer small classes, and this gives every student plenty of opportunities to shine.
All of the teachers from our high school not only are BC certified teachers, but also graduates from top universities such as the University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU) and other distinguished institutions. They have a passion in teaching as well as an abundance of experience.  At Canada Star Secondary School, we offer personalized education and strive to help students to achieve greatness in post secondary.
The goals of education have always been the lifelong development and happiness of students. Moreover, in our changing society, intercultural thinking and international perspective are becoming increasingly valued, and in turn leads to a new interpretation of success and excellence. Our goal at Canada Star Secondary School is to develop students into leaders  and teach them the knowledge that will be beneficial perpetually. These 4 cornerstone of education – intercultural thinking, international perspective, lifelong development, and happiness – are ideals that are reflected Canada Star Secondary School’s motto: “confidence, persistence, passion, inclusiveness”.

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