Canada Star Secondary School is located in the beautiful city of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. As a private school, we offer small, personalised classes which allows every student plenty of opportunities to shine; we are also completely registered and accredited by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. 

All of the teachers are BC certified educators, and are graduates from top universities such as the University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU), as well as other distinguished institutions. Our educators have a passion for teaching as well as an abundance of experience.  At Canada Star Secondary School, we offer personalized education, and strive to help students achieve greatness in their post secondary endeavours.

The goal of education has always been the lifelong development and happiness of students. Moreover, in our changing society, intercultural thinking and international perspectives are becoming increasingly valued, which in turn, leads to new interpretations of success and excellence. These four cornerstones of education – intercultural thinking, international perspective, lifelong development, and happiness – are ideals that are reflected in Canada Star Secondary School’s motto: “confidence, persistence, passion, inclusiveness.” 

We firmly believe that only students who display these qualities are capable of becoming tomorrows’s global leaders in this new era. Whether it is offering in-class learning, providing extracurricular activities, training in social and academic skills, realizing potential, or providing intellectual challenges, the faculty and staff at Canada Star Secondary School are dedicated to creating a unique experience and platform for our students.

Canada Star Secondary School offers complete courses for credits. In order to ensure the quality of learning, we have teacher assistants to offer extra help after school everyday. In addition to recognized academic for-credit courses, we provide other courses such as computer science, golf, music, art, math contests, College Board AP courses, volunteering opportunities and much more.

With a thorough and effective learning system and personalized university plans for students, Canada Star Secondary School develops individuals who become qualified candidates to become the new leaders of our society. In 2016 and 2017, the graduates at Canada Star Secondary School had an excellent success rate of a 100 percent admission acceptance rate from top universities in the world, as well as numerous scholarship offers.

Canada Star Secondary School offers entrance scholarships to students exhibiting excellence in the fine arts, athletics, and academics.

All Group 4 independent schools must be bonded. Independent school authorities of all Group 4 schools must post financial guarantees in accordance with the Bonding Act, equal to 75 percent of all fees collected from students for one of the periods of July through December, or January through June, whichever generated the most fees, of the previous school year. Group 4 schools must maintain valid bonds continuously while they are operating. Canada Star Secondary School meets all of these requirements.

Canada Star Secondary School

Canada Star Secondary School